Missing Victoria Wood…..

don’t.  Instead, watch this video of half an hour of her chatting with Dawn French on the whole business of comedy.  It’s not a sketch show but it is amusing, witty, real and generous.  For anyone who is interested in comedy, it is an open window into that world.

Screen shot 2016-12-05 at 22.43.02.png



Victoria tells how she was inspired by Joyce Grenfell.

They cover many topics, including to go into comedy and be a funny person do you need to be depressed?

Victoria: “I think a lot of people who chose comedy are coming from a place of alienation, or of feeling apart or disjointed from things, which gives them that great sortof crackpot view of things. It’s not the sort of people chosen for the netball team that are all our great standup comedians… it’s people that an audience feels comfortable with.”


Do you write jokes on computer (no, longhand). How much of your life do you use as basis for material (almost nothing).



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