Health & Safety Film Night: Dinner Party Seating

Friday Night is usually Health & Safety Film Night here at Comma And. Introduced by Professor Mal Archaic…. “Hello, sports fans.  Tonight: a rather distressing film showing what can transpire when the dinner party seats are not all the correct height.  Roll the film, Rufus!”  

A L Kennedy – what good writing is

Listening to “The Verb” BBC Podcast (episode 3 Feb 2018) on writing, yesterday, on a bus, I was astonished and captivated by comments on writing, by A L Kennedy:   What a writer should write: “From the writer’s point of view, if you’re not saying what it’s burningly necessary for you to say, absolutely toContinue reading “A L Kennedy – what good writing is”

Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel

For anyone who loves sci fi and TV culture and wool…. a designer who feels the same: Bridget Thuemmel at Steven Be studio. Not only does she design, she also knits while reading a book.  Fingerless mittens thumbs up – for someone who clearly loves her day job – as does the presenter, Kristy Glass.Continue reading “Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel”

Review (Edinburgh): Andrew Graham-Dixon and Rembrandt 2018-9-24

Tonight, I got to listen to a lecture on Rembrandt, by one of my art heroes, Andrew Graham-Dixon (lecturer and TV presenter).  This was part of the celebration of NADFAS’ 50 years and also a spectacular Rembrandt lecture at the RSA, Edinburgh. I’m not particularly a fan of Rembrandt, but I do find the lecturer’sContinue reading “Review (Edinburgh): Andrew Graham-Dixon and Rembrandt 2018-9-24”

Health & Safety Film Night: Dangers of self-service petrol stations

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night again at Comma And. Tonight, our resident Health & Safety presenter, Professor Mal Archaic is absent, due to over-caffeination.  But he did leave a note of which film to show tonight, cunningly disguised as a 43 page dossier.  Roll the tape, Rufus!