Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel

For anyone who loves sci fi and TV culture and wool…. a designer who feels the same: Bridget Thuemmel at Steven Be studio.

Not only does she design, she also knits while reading a book.  Fingerless mittens thumbs up – for someone who clearly loves her day job – as does the presenter, Kristy Glass.

I enjoy Bridget’s description of having an idea for mittens, making them, taking them into the yarn shop and saying “look what I made” – and someone saying “You mean: you designed them”.  “I didn’t design them, I just made it up” she replied.  Refreshingly unpretentious, honest and straightforward.  As she talks through her bafflement at being suddenly labelled a “designer” –  Kristy is vastly entertained, and the audience laughs with delight along with Bridget. Excellent standup, sitting down.


Like sci fiction and knitting?  You might enjoy this earlier post “Sci Fi is everywhere, wool I’ll be darned!”

Creative Takeaway

Knit your own astonishment.  If you’re not a confident knitter, why not design on graph paper a small symbol meaningful to you – and either knit it yourself, or get a knitter friend to do it – and sew it onto a bought jumper – say, near the cuff.  I saw a garment recently which was clearly designer as it had a strip of just about an inch wide and three inches long sewn onto ONE sleeve, near the cuff.  Or place it in a different place – it will immediately make a store-bought sweater into a one-off.

Claim it: “I’m a designer”.  As Kristy says “So from then on, you were a designer….”   “…. just making stuff up” Bridget agrees.  So if you feel “Oh I just make things” – be prepared to accept that you are a designer – especially if you do this often, as a natural occurrence.





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