Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel

For anyone who loves sci fi and TV culture and wool…. a designer who feels the same: Bridget Thuemmel at Steven Be studio.

Not only does she design, she also knits while reading a book.  Fingerless mittens thumbs up – for someone who clearly loves her day job – as does the presenter, Kristy Glass.

Creative Takeaway

Knit your own astonishment.  If you’re not a confident knitter, why not design on graph paper a small symbol meaningful to you – and either knit it yourself, or get a knitter friend to do it – and sew it onto a bought jumper – say, near the cuff.  I saw a garment recently which was clearly designer as it had a strip of just about an inch wide and three inches long sewn onto ONE sleeve, near the cuff.  Or place it in a different place – it will immediately make a store-bought sweater into a one-off.




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