DVD Double Bill: “Hidden Figures” and “Apollo 13”

What’s better than one good film?  Why, TWO good films which go together well. Recommended for your viewing pleasure: two films made about the early days of space exploration.  Why not watch them together or on following evenings?

“Hidden Figures” tells the story (based on true life) of black women who worked in the area of technology and computers as NASA began launching into space.  It is straight up feelgood, and deals lightly with themes of gender and racial inequality.  The characters are referred to as “computers” as they predated the use of digital computers for complex workings out.

For balance, “Apollo 13” puts you in a space capsule with the astronauts, as well as showing the drama down in Mission Control.  Tom Hanks stars, and in his usual everyman way, has you rooting for him.

Both films have moments where you are on the edge of your seat – they entertain without being violent.  Recommended Family Viewing.



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