Love, memory, making

Today, I was absolutely stunned by a blog post on “Kitchen Vignettes” which combined memories of a much-missed mother with her signature summer recipe, together with a video of the daughter picking the fruit and making the dessert.  There is a beautiful response on the blog post which says: “The video stunning (because you weaveContinue reading “Love, memory, making”

Stitching as meditation

This conversation about stitching is itself slow, meditative and pondering, titled “Thinking Stitch” by Brenda Miller. In the conversation, the two women sewing discuss early memories of a mother sewing practical clothes, rhythms of machine and handsewing, practicing the craft as a meditative way of slowing down, and the importance of finding that creative timeContinue reading “Stitching as meditation”

Pottery knitting jewellery

This blog delights in putting together two arts or crafts not normally associated – today we have three. Spotted in the blog by the Shetlands based knitting designer, Ella Gordon!  She took motifs from her knitted hat/mittens to be made into a ring by jewellery-maker Mike of Red Houss in Barra.  Having made the ringContinue reading “Pottery knitting jewellery”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Postmen

Once again, our Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night is introduced by Professor Mal Archaic. Professor Mal Archaic: Ahem, thank you, thank you.  Indubitably at this time of year, we are all aware of the importance of postmen and the increased volume of mail: Christmas cards, presents, parcels etc.  However – and IContinue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Postmen”

Joe Cunningham, male quilter

Joe Cunningham is a quilter, who has been inspired by Gee’s Bend.  In a video which mixes his own amazing style, he meets, pays tribute to the women quilters at Gee’s Bend and joins them in quilting. “I’m trying to be free by making quilts and it seemed to me that they had very freeContinue reading “Joe Cunningham, male quilter”

Gee’s Bend Quilts as flags

I have a large-size book of visual inspiration called “Gee’s Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt”.  Every now and then, I feel the need to look through it again – at pictures of the giant, off-centre, off-everything, bold modern geometric shapes.  Made quietly by poor women in Alabama, mostly to keep their family warm –Continue reading “Gee’s Bend Quilts as flags”

Ancient History Animation – Boudica

Fascinating way to retell ancient history, where there are no photographs: animation.  Emma Calder made this video about Boudica (sometimes called Boadiccea), the ancient British woman leader who dared to defy the Romans. This video was created for Norwich Castle Museum – where you can see it displayed.  If the subject matter of the videoContinue reading “Ancient History Animation – Boudica”

Animation: Shake a shoe, Osbert Parker

Jazz music, clothes and animation.  This blog loves a mashup of various artforms and life – worth viewing the video “Clothes” by clicking on this link which will take you to a video.  (It’s not possible to embed the video into the blog post due to copyright viewing restrictions) Phenomenal to think that all of thisContinue reading “Animation: Shake a shoe, Osbert Parker”