Pottery knitting jewellery

This blog delights in putting together two arts or crafts not normally associated – today we have three.

Spotted in the blog by the Shetlands based knitting designer, Ella Gordon!  She took motifs from her knitted hat/mittens to be made into a ring by jewellery-maker Mike of Red Houss in Barra.  Having made the ring in the morning, they then took a piece of beachcombed broken pottery and made that into a second ring.

Read Ella’s story on her blog post here.

The knitting motif:


This motif is also available directly from Ella as a cushion: fully knitted, sewn up and stuffed for £40.  There are a whole variety of colourways and slight difference in the ouse – what a great idea to commission one for someone who once lived (or lives) in a traditional house.

Ella Gordon Shetland knitwear designer
Ella Gordon Crofthouse designs of cushions


See more

Ella Gordon has her own Youtube channel


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