Stuart Duffin at the Compass Gallery

I managed to catch Stuart Duffin‘s exhibition “If Angels Cast Shadows….” on Friday, the day before it finished at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow.   However, the Gallery keep excellent photographic representations of past exhibitions, so you can find pictures from this exhibition even now on their website. Stuart’s work is immediately recognisable for its draughtsmanship, detailedContinue reading “Stuart Duffin at the Compass Gallery”

Modern art – what’s it about?

Really – what’s the fuss about 20th century art?  Couldn’t a 3-year-old make paintings like some of them?  Jerry Saltz is a brilliant person to answer – he makes sense – and the art he shows here is not a random mess. Jerry Saltz, Pulitzer prizewinning Art Critic shows just why he earns the bigContinue reading “Modern art – what’s it about?”

Health & Safety: Working conditions

Frightday Night is Health & Safety Film Night here at Comma And (also the spell checker’s nmight orf).  It’s the time when the staff kick back, put their feet up on the chair in front, and let Professor Mal Archaic drone on  introduce a new film on Health & Safety.  Well known for having mislaidContinue reading “Health & Safety: Working conditions”

Field prints – Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin makes distinctive prints of elements of nature – once you have seen one of her works, they are instantly recognisable.  This short video appears in this section of blog labelled “thing of beauty” because this video and its surroundings convey the exquisiteness of the delicate yet strong confident lines of the final artpiece.Continue reading “Field prints – Angie Lewin”

Into painting Community

If you’ve been painting for a while and would like to learn some more tips and tricks on practical elements, or just to get to know the artists in your community – I recommend going to an “artist’s talk”.  These are often run by a gallery around the time of a new exhibition and areContinue reading “Into painting Community”

The Great Wave – Hokusai

This appreciation of Master Japanese printmaker Hokusai and his enormously popular image “The Wave” is made by Christie’s.  Guided by modern printmaker in the Ukiyo-e woodprinting method, Takuji Hamanaka, we look closely into the methods and texture of the print. We peer over his shoulder as he looks closely at a print of “The Wave”,Continue reading “The Great Wave – Hokusai”

Photography: Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey, American street photographer has recorded a fascinating brief 6 minute interview with Pbs.  Fascinating because he is a great communicator, deep thinker (awarded a MacArthur “genius award” Fellowship, speaking in his sixties on a lifetime career photographing changes in America. He speaks on photography as a “transformative event” – “art has the capacity toContinue reading “Photography: Dawoud Bey”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Gorillas with guns

On Friday evenings at ,&, we let down our hair, loosen our stays and generally relax with a bowl of popcorn, and a Health & Safety Film introduced by our very serious Film Selector, Professor Mal Archaic.  Here he is with the latest warning. Professor Mal Archaic: Greetings, fellow survivors of the twenty-first century.  NotContinue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Gorillas with guns”

Painting on found wood: Graham Rich

Sailing artist/sculptor Graham Rich paints pictures of water and boats from driftwood found at water edges.  Their surface recalls memories and prompts a painting idea, which is painted and scratched onto the surface, with a resultant sense of texture. Video by Topsham TV found on Youtube “A Visual Correspondence with Ian Hamilton Finlay” Devon-based Graham maintainedContinue reading “Painting on found wood: Graham Rich”