Health & Safety: Working conditions

Frightday Night is Health & Safety Film Night here at Comma And (also the spell checker’s nmight orf).  It’s the time when the staff kick back, put their feet up on the chair in front, and let Professor Mal Archaic drone on  introduce a new film on Health & Safety.  Well known for having mislaid his baggage and sense of humour on a 1987 flight to Sydney, Australia, Mal is all business about his role as M.C. and takes it very seriously.

Professor Mal Archaic (for it is he): Greetings, evening, and bonne chance, mesdames et messieurs.  Welcome to our little salon for another viewing of a specially selected, one might say “curated” – that overused technical term which I have just once more used.

Tonight, a fascinating, rarely seen interview with a 1950s manufacturer, in a paperclip company, giving a keen insight into the working conditions presumably common at the time.  Pass me the popcorn, Beowulf and be quick about it.  Roll the tape, Hansard!



This video has been classified as almost free from any references to Brexit or Parliamentary Procedure.


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