Field prints – Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin makes distinctive prints of elements of nature – once you have seen one of her works, they are instantly recognisable.  This short video appears in this section of blog labelled “thing of beauty” because this video and its surroundings convey the exquisiteness of the delicate yet strong confident lines of the final artpiece.  It’s relaxing and absorbing to watch.

There is a gorgeous sense of texture here – the grasses, the pebbles, feathers lying where they have fallen, picked up by this artist who walks lightly across the earth.  The music chosen is appropriate – and I chose this still from the video as it conveys the sense of layering, the activity in making and the transparency of the watercolour paint medium.

Youtube Video by Cristian Barnett

Fallen in love with the print in the video, “Nature Table”?  It is available to purchase as fabric or wallpaper, by St Jude’s – in two colourways: blue/gold or brick/lichen.

To see more of Angie Lewin’s work, check out her website here.

There is an interview/feature with her in the April 2019 issue of “Period Living” Magazine.

There are books with her work as illustrations, as well as one about her artworks – and she maintains an Instagram account.

I attended and wrote a review of the introductory talk to exhibition “A Fine Line” in Edinburgh, 2017/8 where she exhibited with willow-weaver Lizzie Farey, Ceramicist Frances Priest and printer Bronwen Sleigh.


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