Modern art – what’s it about?

Really – what’s the fuss about 20th century art?  Couldn’t a 3-year-old make paintings like some of them?  Jerry Saltz is a brilliant person to answer – he makes sense – and the art he shows here is not a random mess.

Jerry Saltz, Pulitzer prizewinning Art Critic shows just why he earns the big bucks.  He knows his art history, the big picture historical background and the individual focus on what each artist was about – but he can relate it to modern day life as understood by pretty much anyone.

In this brief video, he takes us on a whistlestop tour of the galleries of New York and his favourite paintings.  Along the way, we will see Cezanne, Matisse, Jackson Pollock, medieval art, Manet – but he will give us a brief, thrilling insight into each picture.

At the end, he bids us farewell with:

“Thank you for sharing this tip of the tip of an iceberg of something extraordinary, special and magnificent that New York has: its art museums.”

I have always wanted to go to New York and check out the galleries of Modern Art – frankly, this video increases my desire to go – but I would preferably have him as guide around the galleries.  I wonder if he’s written or recorded an audio guide…..



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