Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York

Kristy Glass, vlogger knitter interviews the creators of the book “I knit New York” and follows the photo shoot for this book – which is chockfull of architecture designs into knitting.

Knitted designs include:

Screen shot 2018-12-08 at 01.10.03
Chrysler building cardigan from I knit New York

42nd and Lex (the Chrysler building) as a cardigan


Screen shot 2018-12-08 at 01.10.20
the Chandelier in the Metropolitan Opera, as a hat
Screen shot 2018-12-08 at 01.14.09
inspired by Washington Square, named for a lady who successfully fought the bulldozing of the area in the 1970s
Screen shot 2018-12-08 at 01.16.36
sleeveless top inspired by Rockefeller Centre – Art Deco
Screen shot 2018-12-08 at 01.19.35
wrap inspired by Grand Central Station


Kirsten Kapur @throughtheloops on Instagram

Kathleen Dames @KathleenDames on Instagram

Alice O’Reilly of Backyard Fiberworks

Putting together a lookbook of designs

This video not only talks about getting inspiration into handknitted garments – but also shows the process of going onto streets to shoot the garments on the model.


The Book

The book is called “I knit new York” (Knit like a local) Book One.  Editors Kathleen Dames and Alice O’Reilly.  Photographer Gale Zucker.  Published One More Row Press, 2018.  Note that this book is only 70 pages, so technically it is a pamphlet.

Creative Takeaway

Think about where you live – it can be an area or a town or city – wherever there is distinctive design and architecture or landscape.  How could you translate that into a motif for knitwear – or other creative endeavours?

Doing this as an exercise will perhaps give an insight into a distinctive stamp on your makings – that sense of a particular place and time.


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