Photography: Jacques Henri Lartique (15 mins)

If you like simplicity and pale colour palette in pictures – then check out this video showing a catalogue of the work of French photographer Jacques Henri Lartique from the book “Lartique: Life in Color” by Martine D’Astier and Martine Ravache

Much of the subtle colour palette comes from his use of the Autochrome process.  I imagine that this would appeal to people who enjoy Nordic landscapes and colourways.  (I can immediately think of a friend who is in this category).


Commentary and filming is by Ted Forbes on his Youtube channel “The Art of Photography”.  He speaks quite quickly – but you can always change the speed of replay to 0.75 if you want a more relaxed viewing.

The commentary gives an excellent autobiographical overlook on the photographer’s long life 1894-1986 and photographic engagement – he began taking photos at the age of 7.  Along the way, the commentary traces the influences of society and other artists, particularly Monet, whom Lartique was delighted to meet in person.

An interview with Lartique

The BBC made a documentary with Lartique, interviewing him and showing him at work with his camera.  If you find the man and his work intriguing, you may wish to view this.

Photography skills

Through looking at Lartique’s approach, we see how a variety of technology affects the look, but yet not the subject of the Photographer.  We also see how Lartique worked with the various light situations and challenges of the seasons.  His compositions intrigue the eye and look like a whole drama – the saying “a picture says a thousand words” could have been written about the photographs shown here.

Creative Takeaways

  1. Carry a camera at all times
  2. Take photographs thoughtfully

Lartique is famous for being an ‘amateur’ photographer who was ‘discovered’ on the edge of his seventies, when he was given an exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The obvious lesson is to keep practicing your art!


The book was published in 2016 and is still in print.






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