Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn

A good coffee shop is a thing of beauty, a place to read, type, meet friends, eat, chat, discuss….. here’s one very handmade one in New York.

The Digital Distillery Inc shot the short promo and wrote:

The owner, Yasser “Max” Habib, shares with us his story about how he conceptualized, designed—and even handcrafted everything including funky light fixtures—in his incredible space. All of the food at Milk + Honey is made fresh daily. It’s so fresh that they don’t even have a freezer! The loyalty cards are made out of discarded boxes and they bake their own bread onsite to ensure quality and consistency. We enjoyed shooting this piece, and we hope it helps promote Max’s business approach of combining sustainability, forward-thinking design, and outstanding customer service. Enjoy!


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