Alexandra Kingswell: Quilting and Maths

Alexandra Kingswell mixes Fibonacci sequence, Pi and vibrant colours in ways which make your eyes and spirit sing.

Alexandra Kingswell: Fifth Day: Let the Rainforest Sing!

Her infectiously joyous colours and patterns are derived from mathematical equations – do you know anyone else who enthuses about the pattern formed at “some 544 decimal places into Pi..?

Her website is a treat of inspiration – I like her Facebook page, as it delivers enthusiastic, energising colours into my social media feed.  See more of her works on her website:

Creativity Takeaway

What Alexandra Kingswell is practicing is very sophisticated and highly developed, but we can use a little bit of her idea ourselves.  For a simple warmup, refreshing exercise, take your favourite palette of words or colour or basic elements in your creative works, assign them numbers and try applying mathematical constructs or equations to them to produce a new outcome.

Not expecting a finished piece, but simply as a way to free up the linkages and find new combinations.  This may be especially helpful if you want to introduce randomness or abstraction into your work, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Then find a piece which interests you, and explore it in more depth.


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