Happy Birthday, Kaffe Fassett!

Here is Kaffe talking about his needlepoint (he designs for Ehrman tapestry) – and his love of making designs for interiors, as they are then like a window on a fantasy world.


He begins by showing a couple of waistcoats for men which he designed:

and demonstrates how he sketches a design of an object to make a new design.

He enjoys fulfilling commissions for interiors, and that his needlepointed chair refurbishes what is an antique chair, gives it a new lease of life (the camera notes the worn pieces of wood on the chair handles) but yet it is a piece of art which is kicking around the house, used, sat on and, literally, part of the furniture.

There is also a gorgeous closeup of a very rich piece of work, featuring Shells.  It used to be a rug kit purchasable from Ehrman, which I loved but was put off by the price (the piece was sizable).  It is probably unavailable anymore – and if it is, would be twice the price and still a decade’s work in the making if done by a single person working alone.  But look at its beauty!

Screen shot 2018-11-26 at 19.56.23
Kaffe Fassett design “Shells”



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