Post-stroke to new career

“Limitations in itself might be a prompt to creative understanding”.…  Kate Davies, was an academic until a sudden stroke at the age of 36 turned an energetic academic into someone whose left side was paralysed and without memory of how to work.  (Note: there are many famous Kate Davies – this Kate has written armfulsContinue reading “Post-stroke to new career”

Knitting and animation: with love

It’s the old story of boy meets girl, knit one, purl one… An animation made with knitting.  A rarity.  But stop-motion animation always was hand made, with love, by obsessives willing to take forever to make something move – so why not knitting.  Two cottage industries come together: knitting and animation in this brief video,Continue reading “Knitting and animation: with love”

KNITTING: Release the Chickens!

Fun fact: Hue Loco is an indie dyer who makes some of her yarn in collections called “Backyard Chickens”, based on the colours in the hens and roosters in her backyard. Colourways Can you name the chicken related to each colourway shown below?!   The answers are on her website on on the video whichContinue reading “KNITTING: Release the Chickens!”

Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night: the danger of Knitting

Professor Mal Archaic introduces: “Ah the innocent art of knitting.  Or is it?  Simply the making of something out of wool torn from the back of a sheep and wrapped around two sharp pointed metal objects… or is it?  The QI panel of experts are waiting to discuss this vital topic of national importance. RollContinue reading “Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night: the danger of Knitting”

Pottery knitting jewellery

This blog delights in putting together two arts or crafts not normally associated – today we have three. Spotted in the blog by the Shetlands based knitting designer, Ella Gordon!  She took motifs from her knitted hat/mittens to be made into a ring by jewellery-maker Mike of Red Houss in Barra.  Having made the ringContinue reading “Pottery knitting jewellery”

Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York

Kristy Glass, vlogger knitter interviews the creators of the book “I knit New York” and follows the photo shoot for this book – which is chockfull of architecture designs into knitting. Knitted designs include: 42nd and Lex (the Chrysler building) as a cardigan   Interviewed: Kirsten Kapur @throughtheloops on Instagram Kathleen Dames @KathleenDames on InstagramContinue reading “Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York”

Knit your own tinsel

Knit your own tinsel!?  No way?  Yes, way.  Arne and Carlos demonstrate, using the “i-cord” technique which stands for “idiot stitch”.  The whole demo is unintentionally hilarious, as they share a house and knitting career together yet are very different personalities – and one of the biggest differences is that one of them loves glitteryContinue reading “Knit your own tinsel”

Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett

This 5 minute video lets Kaffe Fassett describe in his inimitable, colourful way, how he discovered knitting and brought his painterly eye to it, bringing a wave of colour into 1980s knitting in Britain. Also, don’t miss another post on this blog about quilting here.  Both these videos are recorded in his home, which isContinue reading “Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett”

Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel

For anyone who loves sci fi and TV culture and wool…. a designer who feels the same: Bridget Thuemmel at Steven Be studio. Not only does she design, she also knits while reading a book.  Fingerless mittens thumbs up – for someone who clearly loves her day job – as does the presenter, Kristy Glass.Continue reading “Geek Knitting: Bridget Thuemmel”