Gillian Ayres – interview

Gillian paints glorious, large, confident abstract canvases full of glowing colour – because she wants “intensity” rather than tone. In person, she appears rather the opposite – very quiet, unconfident about her skill, very down to earth, prosaic.  She is irritated by people’s determined search for meaning in her art – it is simply aContinue reading “Gillian Ayres – interview”

Nora Ephron nearly cooks

Came across a wee gem of a book in local library: Nora Ephron “I feel bad about my neck, and other thoughts on being a woman.” (From the writer/director who wrote the screenplay for “When harry met sally” and “You got mail”.) This woman is talented, witty, writes in an engaging way and has interesting opinions.  She’sContinue reading “Nora Ephron nearly cooks”


My ideal cookbook is probably one I’ll have to write myself as no one else has – possibly for the very good reason that its title would never fit on the spine: “NoFussAlmostNoWashingUpWorksEveryTimeWithCheapIngredientsScratchAndSniff Cookbook”. It would be lavishly illustrated and come supplied with a complimentary bib for drooling. And it would have a different layoutContinue reading “Fud”

Corita Kent documentary

Wise words – creating and analyzing are different processes. Part of this documentary on Sister Corita, showing her teaching her students – her classes look like fun.  And especially the Happening she made out of open day at college, with parents/visitors, giving the most strait-laced looking people the most fun and absurd actions to do.Continue reading “Corita Kent documentary”

Sister Corita Kent

Great introductory video to Corita’s work – CBS Video (still from prog above): In the last photo above, the video interviewer and a curator look at one of her posters, where she typically took a commercial slogan and let it be a jumping off part which helps think spiritually. ( She mixed contemporary logos,Continue reading “Sister Corita Kent”

Percussion and Film Directing

  Mel Brooks, writer and director or many comedy films, said this, in a documentary on the making of “The Producers”: “The truth is, I began my career as a drummer, so rhythm is critical to me – the rhythm of a scene, the rhythm of singular performances, the rimshot of a joke. So As aContinue reading “Percussion and Film Directing”