Nora Ephron nearly cooks

Came across a wee gem of a book in local library:

Nora Ephron “I feel bad about my neck, and other thoughts on being a woman.”

(From the writer/director who wrote the screenplay for “When harry met sally” and “You got mail”.)

This woman is talented, witty, writes in an engaging way and has interesting opinions.  She’s a grumpy old woman with less of the grump and more of the pointed comment.

She has a whole chapter on her relationship with cookery books – I particularly like one paragraph:

“Owning The Gourmet Cookbook made me feel tremendously sophisticated.  For years I gave it to friends as a wedding present.  It was an emblem of adulthood, a way of being smart and chic and college-educated where food was concerned, but I never really used it in the way you’re supposed to use a cookbook – by propping it open on the kitchen counter, cooking from it, staining its pages with spattered butter and chocolate splotches, conducting a unilateral dialogue with the book itself – in short, by having a relationship with it.”


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