New Threads

I have various cycles – things which interest me deeply for a week or two, then I move on to the next.  These tend to be:

  • wanting new recipes
  • needing new music
  • wanting new books (“input!”)
  • needing new clothes (a more rare occurrence)

I am currently on the New Threads cycle.  This occurs when my favourite trews/shoes/top has gone holey-er than thou and is no longer wearable.

Howevah, first, mah funkiness needs to be refunked.  I have noticed that when I go into shops, I barely register on the radar of the shop assistant and get begrudging ‘service’.  I have obviously dipped below the fashion Visible radar yet again.  Ah am wearing clothes built for comfort and it would seem as ah need to repent in something a little more colourful than sackcloth and ashes.  (although that is the colour again for Winter, sigh, BORing – black and white for winter, navy for Spring, pastels for summer, yawn yawn).

A friend of mine asserted that once she got past 30, she noticed that she began to be invisible.  The only way to remain noticeable to others (and she is a very tall person) was to deliberately dress in clashing colours: orange and red etc.  Lesser-heighted induhviduals such as myself are at more of a disadvantage. A Kaffe Fassett garment would be perfect round about now.

(Pic taken at Kaffe Fassett retrospective, Aberdeen, 2014)IMG_0513


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