KNITTING: Release the Chickens!

Fun fact: Hue Loco is an indie dyer who makes some of her yarn in collections called “Backyard Chickens”, based on the colours in the hens and roosters in her backyard. Colourways Can you name the chicken related to each colourway shown below?!   The answers are on her website on on the video whichContinue reading “KNITTING: Release the Chickens!”

Writing for the Simpsons: Be Funny – every day!

Joel Cohen has been writing for the Simpsons for 18 years.  He did an interview on this – perhaps to help publicise his book “How to lose a marathon”.   For comedy writers and fans it’s an interesting glimpse into the world of writing comedy, for an internationally successful cartoon series.

Art, books, & me me me

Today, I pockled (that is the official term for it, others might say ‘drifted’) through Waterstones, (for the benefit of overseas readers, Waterstones is a major chain of bookshops in the UK).  And here’s 2 things which jumped out at me almost immediately about modern culture: there’s a growing amount of books which are soundbitesContinue reading “Art, books, & me me me”

Hmms, Ancient & Modern

So for a while now, I’ve been writing down odd thoughts which come to mind and seem worth noting down.  They’re kindof poetic one liners, meditations and sometimes just plain quirky makes-me-smile.  I call them “Hmms Ancient and Modern”.  As one comes to mind, I give it a random number and add to the list.Continue reading “Hmms, Ancient & Modern”

Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea

What’s it like to draw under water?  Kirsten Carlson shows us in this short video. Caution – if you don’t like the sensation of putting your head under water, beware, some of this is incredibly evocative.   Creative Takeaway If you need to imagine new worlds and shapes for science fiction – consider looking atContinue reading “Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Deportment

Professor Mal Archaic (for it is he): Good evening, to thee.  Etiquette is such a forgotten aspect of modern society, one finds – indeed, these days who can spell the word without an online dictionary?  Fellow students of the je ne sais quoi (this is your actual French but one does not like to showContinue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Deportment”

Photography: Jacques Henri Lartique (15 mins)

If you like simplicity and pale colour palette in pictures – then check out this video showing a catalogue of the work of French photographer Jacques Henri Lartique from the book “Lartique: Life in Color” by Martine D’Astier and Martine Ravache Much of the subtle colour palette comes from his use of the Autochrome process.  I imagineContinue reading “Photography: Jacques Henri Lartique (15 mins)”