Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Deportment

Professor Mal Archaic (for it is he): Good evening, to thee.  Etiquette is such a forgotten aspect of modern society, one finds – indeed, these days who can spell the word without an online dictionary?  Fellow students of the je ne sais quoi (this is your actual French but one does not like to show off/self-display/self-aggrandise too much, n’est-ce pas?) this brings us to tonight’s film selection, if that is the mot juste.

When I was young, ladies were taught how to walk with dignity and grace, in lessons called deportment.  For example, at Finishing School on the Continent, one would learn how to gracefully exit a vehicle, even in the tightest skirt and highest heels.

We will now display upon the small screen, an example of a lady exiting a car – and I would be interested on whether you judge that she has completed the movement in a safe and graceful manner.

Roll the film, Rufus – and Beowulf, bring me le popcorn du monsieur‘…


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