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Taste notes for Jam… Guest Post, Liz LeFroy

Well written guest blog post by Liz LeFroy – on finding a new favourite jam flavour. Continue reading Taste notes for Jam… Guest Post, Liz LeFroy


Cooking with Georgia O’Keeffe

The artist Georgia O’Keeffe took a keen interest in health foods – believing that what you ate was important to creativity.  Delightfully, she lived to be 99, producing brilliant paintings to the end, her mind sharp as a tack.  So here are recipes for her wholemeal bread, a health shake, and Green Chillies with garlic, oil and a fried egg.


The recipes come from two books: “A Painter’s kitchen” edited by Margaret Wood, who worked as Georgia O’Keeffe’s companion and cook for 5 years – and “Dinner with Georgia

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Poetry, noodles and animation

As you know, this blog likes to mix its ingredients of art and life, so putting together poetry, noodles and animation this morning was the work of a moment. Exhibit A – the poem is “Making Mines Frires” by Dominique Ahkong and if you pop over to http://bit.ly/2vm5ZEk you can read the poetic description of the family-making of noodles for the dish.  (from Cha: An Asian … Continue reading Poetry, noodles and animation

Forager’s delight

This.  Today. A reward for doing a week’s foodshop so close to Christmas – just before the parking lot turned into an accident waiting to happen (11 am, on the dot – make a note for next year) with too many cars chasing too few parking spaces and pedestrians attempting to walk in front of cars, randomly. Home to foraging repast: an unmade bed of instant … Continue reading Forager’s delight