Taste notes for Jam… Guest Post, Liz LeFroy

Taster notes for jam; varieties; at www.commaand.co

Well written guest blog post by Liz LeFroy - on finding a new favourite jam flavour.


Just chilli-in

How about growing your own chillies in the UK?  And then cooking with them? As I am to gardening what Kubla Khan was to crocheting, I simply bought a plant from a supermarket and kept it on the kitchen windowsill.  I was amazed at how many small chillis popped up in due course.  And they …


My ideal cookbook is probably one I'll have to write myself as no one else has - possibly for the very good reason that its title would never fit on the spine: "NoFussAlmostNoWashingUpWorksEveryTimeWithCheapIngredientsScratchAndSniff Cookbook". It would be lavishly illustrated and come supplied with a complimentary bib for drooling. And it would have a different layout …

Recipe for Summer Jam

Put a few blackberries on your scone/toast and smoosh. Smooshing is my technical term for squashing them with your knife.  At this time of year, the fruit is so soft that it just implodes and spreads out over the surface. Eat with enjoyment.  It will taste more tart than bottled jam, because it doesn't have …