Just chilli-in

How about growing your own chillies in the UK?  And then cooking with them?

As I am to gardening what Kubla Khan was to crocheting, I simply bought a plant from a supermarket and kept it on the kitchen windowsill.  I was amazed at how many small chillis popped up in due course.  And they tasted all the more delicious for being a crop growing freely from a plant which cost the price of a handful of pre-grown chillis.

But for someone with a greenhouse, there is much more scope – literally.  This lady went for it


observing that there are some universal general rules:

Quick Guide to Growing Chilli Plants

  • Start early with your seeds – January – March – different varieties
  • You need them to be kept warm, invest in a heated propogator for quickest germination
  • Plant seeds in soil based compost – they like good drainage
  • Use a little surface spray for watering rather than watering from the base (no soggy bottoms)
  • Pot on once the seedlings have two well formed leaves into bigger individual pots
  • They still need warmth and lots of sunlight while they are little
  • Make sure they have enough space, they’ll need repotting again
  • Feed them with tomato food when fruit starts to set
  • Don’t let them get too hot and dry – they may need a little shade
  • Pick fruit as they are ready to encourage more fruit
  • They can survive over winter if kept warm!

Pictures and longer story over at blog:




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