ART: Steve Martin at MOMA

Missing being able to pop into an art gallery these days? Try this – viewing 2 pieces from MOMA with actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin words and video on MOMA site here. As Steve looks at the pictures, which seem to be abstract art, he gets a whole new insight into one of them. As he says,Continue reading “ART: Steve Martin at MOMA”

Artist: Faith Ringgold

“You can’t wait for someone to say who you are, you need to write it and paint it and DO it” – Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold, artist/writer has a retrospective touring exhibition currently at the Serpentine Gallery in London right now – but ’twas not ever thus.  When she began taking her paintings to galleriesContinue reading “Artist: Faith Ringgold”

Modern art – what’s it about?

Really – what’s the fuss about 20th century art?  Couldn’t a 3-year-old make paintings like some of them?  Jerry Saltz is a brilliant person to answer – he makes sense – and the art he shows here is not a random mess. Jerry Saltz, Pulitzer prizewinning Art Critic shows just why he earns the bigContinue reading “Modern art – what’s it about?”

Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York

Kristy Glass, vlogger knitter interviews the creators of the book “I knit New York” and follows the photo shoot for this book – which is chockfull of architecture designs into knitting. Knitted designs include: 42nd and Lex (the Chrysler building) as a cardigan   Interviewed: Kirsten Kapur @throughtheloops on Instagram Kathleen Dames @KathleenDames on InstagramContinue reading “Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York”

Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn

A good coffee shop is a thing of beauty, a place to read, type, meet friends, eat, chat, discuss….. here’s one very handmade one in New York. The Digital Distillery Inc shot the short promo and wrote: The owner, Yasser “Max” Habib, shares with us his story about how he conceptualized, designed—and even handcrafted everythingContinue reading “Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn”