14 affordable ways to start your own art collection

Would you like to have an art collection, without breaking the bank? Jump in!  If we wait until we have a fortune to buy original masterworks at Christie’s, then we might never get around to it.  There’s an energy about beginning to engage, not just standing back. Here are 14 ways to begin.  There areContinue reading “14 affordable ways to start your own art collection”

Film Review: “Paterson” – a mood poem

I’ve just watched “Paterson” – a Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who secretly writes poetry and delights in overheard conversation.  It’s a really gentle, observant film with not much action, but a lot of listening.  Here’s a really good summary of it by reviewer Mark Kermode, who sums it up as a ‘moodContinue reading “Film Review: “Paterson” – a mood poem”