Brighter Christmas: decoration tip

In my unofficial role as the person least likely to be mistaken for Martha Stewart…. I can still give some cheap and cheerful life/art tips: throw some mint imperials in a favourite cup and saucer.  Plonk on a flat surface.  Looks nice and refreshes palate (and breath). If minimalist look is favoured, try in whiteContinue reading “Brighter Christmas: decoration tip”

Forager’s delight

This.  Today. A reward for doing a week’s foodshop so close to Christmas – just before the parking lot turned into an accident waiting to happen (11 am, on the dot – make a note for next year) with too many cars chasing too few parking spaces and pedestrians attempting to walk in front of cars,Continue reading “Forager’s delight”

BBC Masterchef – the Professionals

This is one of my favourite TV programmes in the UK – where professional chefs compete for the title.  Tonight, as usual, they began with a skills test – where the chefs are asked to make a particular dish, without any warning or preparation. They simply walk into a TV studio where an assortment of ingredientsContinue reading “BBC Masterchef – the Professionals”

Recommended coffee shops in the UK

There used to be (sob) a wonderful website (sniff) which gave insightful reviews of the best places to draw breath and a coffee in the UK.  It was called Cosy Coffees.  It is much missed by me (sigh). Cosy Coffees ground to a halt when the couple doing the reviews had a baby.  So theContinue reading “Recommended coffee shops in the UK”

Food Photography to make you dribble

“What Katie Ate” is a blog which became a book. And when you look at the pictures online, you can see why.  If you are trying to eat less, do NOT read this blog.  It will make you suddenly very very hungry.  Check out below… or buy the books “What Katie Ate” and “WhatContinue reading “Food Photography to make you dribble”