If you, like me, enjoy the crazy imaginings of Eddie Izzard and Spike Milligan, then check out their predecessor, the fallen out of fashion “Beachcomber” – pen name of J B Morton.

Occasionally on rerun (original 1989) episodes of “Beachcomber” can pop up on my favourite radio station, BBC i-Player, snippets are  led by that old comedy hand Richard Ingrams, bringing back to light the surreal comedy.

Such gems as these: Series One episode 3 begins with solemn BBC voice:

“Now, before our next programme, a special announcement from our legal department. The BBC has been asked to refute the implication made in last week’s Beachcomber programme that Lady Cubb-Stanley is to be floodlit. A letter received from her solicitor’s, Messrs Rob, Steele, Pilfer, Pilfer, Rob and Steele states: “Our client, though of generous build, can in no sense be said to constitute a public monument or other edifice or structure within, or without, the meaning of, or by, the Act. “ We are pleased to have been able to make this clear.”

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