Bridget Riley (wear sunglasses)


This picture by Bridget Riley (painted 1993)  is currently on display at Tate Modern, Room Bridget Riley.  You may feel the need to wear sunglasses to view, but if it makes you feel warm and sunshiney, you are on the same wavey length as the painter – as she feels the colours are from an Egyptian palette.

She has done a lot of similar pictures, as well as Op Art which make your eyes water and look like a visual migraine.  These more recent colourful paintings make me think they would make a handsome bedquilt for a quilter not easily discouraged.  If you squint your eyes, there is a particular sense of flow.


Her older pictures (made in the 1960s) in black and white are more visually challengingP07106_8.jpgT04132_8.jpg


Art sceptics may just say “Shoulda gone to Specsavers”


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