Making faces…

… face recognition technology is based on an old habit: the human brain likes to make out faces in any old shape.

In fact, there’s a whole photo blog devoted to this.  Worth checking out for a google goggle giggle, from time to time.


15253382706_452f4e7fd8.jpg “It’s Shard keeping clean”


7154151586_f855b37840.jpg  “Oops I think you overdid the milk!”

(be aware that the blog seems to have not been updated since Jan 2015).

This is indeed seeing art (portraits) and everyday in conversation.

However, there is also a book, compiled by the blogger, for those of us who like to look, point and laugh heartily.

519oCCUDwCL._AC_US174_.jpg compiled by Jody Smith (2010)

“Faces in places: a photographic collection of faces found in Everyday Places”.


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