5 minutes with Dawn French

I always like Dawn French – after this interview, I like her even more because she also likes (and collects) Clarice Cliff.  (see earlier post today on this blog)  Clarice Cliff is a 1930s potterer famous for unusual shaped and painted abstract teasets.  For example, one of her most famous ranges was called Bizarre.  Nuff said.

Questions answered include:

  • Name one person who makes you laugh
  • What were you like at school?
  • Do you live your life by a philosophy?
  • Is there a pressure to be funny when you first meet people?  (Yes)

10 seconds from the end, the interviewer asks something and she responds “Oh good question” and answers it before the final pinger goes off.

NB: She wrote her book – and all future ones – with a pencil on lined paper.

NB2: She has a delightful chuckle which invites others to join in

NB3: this is engaging and moderately amusing without being as funny as standup comedy – the constant flow of questions stops her from developing thoughts into a sketch





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