Design: Function or Beauty?

Charles Eames was asked “Do you focus on function or beauty?”  and he replied “Why should I choose between my head or my heart?”

The designs created by the American Charles and his wife Ray, co-creators – are instantly recognisable, iconic 1950s/60s:

Screen shot 2017-02-17 at 08.15.23.png

The Barbican in London has just finished (on 14th Feb) a show on the world of Charles and Ray Eames (husband and wife designers).  But the brief introductory video (from which the above quote and still was taken) is still viewable online at

Separately, a really brief video across the scope of their wok is a terrific introduction: furniture design, films, exhibition, multiscreen presentations, domestic interior design, home style…. all in just three and a half minutes.

The artist Sister Corita Kent (see earlier post on blog) had an excellent relationship with them, and used their films as inspirational background material in the years she taught art.




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