Howard Hodgkin (1932-2017) – painter

Words – the English disease

Howard Hodgkin disliked talking about his art.  A very rare documentary of him was made by Alan Yentob in the “Imagine” documentary series.  As you can see from this still, Hodgkin worked with broad brush strokes:

Screen shot 2017-04-07 at 19.21.13.png
still from programme “Imagine” 2006

The documentary is viewable in UK via BBC i-player for the next fortnight (16 days).  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the painter and his work – and, even more unusually, the painter AT work…..

Here are a few of his paintings, visible at the Tate galleries in London:

Screen shot 2017-04-07 at 19.26.18.png
Screen shot 2017-04-07 at 19.49.01.png
“For Bernard Jacobson” – Tate

In the 1960s was he known in the artworld?:

No, I don’t think anyone knew who I was at all – I probably didn’t either.

This quote is in an excellent short video (17 minutes) of an interview, taken in the same year, 2006, with Nicholas Serota, as part of his retrospective (which I saw in Dublin).


Screen shot 2017-04-07 at 19.42.40.png
Still from Tate film, with the artist in the foreground, Nicholas Serota facing camera

I like this still, because it features two pictures by the artist (one to the left, one to the right), the artist in foreground but characteristically self-effacing, his interviewer the curator, and in the background, blobs of light falling onto the wall, in a pattern type which Hodgkin would paint, over and over again, in his own artworks.




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