Linocut, Canals and Genealogy – Eric Gaskell

I just came across the work of this artist and linocut maker – he makes very English landscape views – churches and canals.  Also, coloured prints and paintings of still life, viewable on his website:

“Colourful Lock”  £180  31 x 21 cm

Here’s the video (of still photos) showing the many processes which went into the making of this print:

He also produces still-lifes:

four-leg-table_fs.jpg  and a range of landscapesnapton_tmb.jpg here, the village of Napton in the Cotswolds

but one main subject he keeps going back to is canals – in fact, his book of canals b&w linocuts is in its 4th edition.  You can order it directly from his website.


A wide range of prints are also available directly to buy on his website – rangeing in price widely according to size – some as little as £30.

And he generously allows for some of his prints to be downloadable for small amounts such as £5 or £7 – after which, you can print more than one copy for yourself.

What can I say?  I love strong linocut images in black and white.  Separately, I love vibrant colour.  This artist can do both.

In a most interesting way, he combines life and art by mapping genealogy into pictures which look like machine production or landscapes where places and people overlock through family lines.  You can even see the development of this thinking through one of his online drawing books at Youtube:


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