Music as a language – Victor Wooten (5 mins)

This is a TED talk where the musician plays (bass guitar) at same time as his recorded voice thinks and communicates. Perfect blend of form and function.

Excitingly, this 5 min video takes a TED talk out of the formal spoken lecture room situation and puts it into an interesting, lively video.

It makes the points easier to remember.  It holds your interest (I think).  His main premise is that learning music should be like learning language – a child learns to “jam” with expert performers in speaking, daily, before learning the alphabet.  We learn what the child has to say.  But in music, the learner is given the ABC to learn first, then given other people’s pieces to play and the music teacher may never find out what the learner has to say.

This chimes with an interview I once heard of Jools Holland – he was not interested in formal piano playing lessons – but ended up as the only person doing music at a school – and his teacher showed him how to play chords and therefore the happening music he was hearing and wanted to play himself – not endless scales and music from hundreds of years before.

Bravo!  Encore!




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