(i wrote this poem for a friend moving house)



so here it is

all of the goodbyes

and none of the hellos

every thing a small bereavement


the ground under your feet

being rolled up as you walk

mess stuffed into the oven

out of sight out-minded

to be found later,

crisped, when warming the oven

for pizza


this is faith, white-knuckled

jumping off a cliff, pulling,

pulling frantically at the ripcord of prayer

hoping for an updraft, soft landing

seeing the small hours blinking on the bedroom clock


half boxed, half trashed, three quarters alien

in cardboard city

life – a flipped iceberg of bric-a-brac


location, location, location, halfway to somewhere else

thirsting for a pint of stillness

and a remote control with pause

stuck in the going, going

before the


all bets are off


and in it all

dispatches from the master mover – apparently distant

but through you, whispering “let go, let go,

let go of all else but move with me”


I will never move again, you grimly vow, knowing

even as you say it

that all is change anyhow – just now you taste it



light breezy chatter

will anyone miss you a minute after you leave?

ah, but we too are saying goodbye

and this is how we say it, easy

love, letting go


this shifting landscape will unroll not unravel

to the next

life letting go of what you know

this is what it is to be pilgrim

although we didn’t understand him ‘til now


and soon it will be hellos

and newness

instead of closing down and boxing off


there will be an opening out


a re-breath


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