“That’s what a de Koonig painting sounds like: liquid, fluid, runny”

If watching paint dry sounds boring – try listening to it.  The Museum of Modern Art has developed a whole series of “How to paint like…..” famous painters whose works they have.  This video is how to paint like Willem de Koonig, presented by Corey D’Augustine.

The comment about the sound came from the mixing of the yellow paint with medium – it sounded a bit like cream does when whipped.  I don’t even paint with oils, but the mixing of the materials has me intrigued.

Still interested?  Here’s the followup video:

Creative Takeaway

Already painting with oils paints but feeling a bit stuck?

The series of “Paint Like….” invites you to go through the process of another artist, with the knowledgeable curator.  Then you can take what you like into your own process, and ignore the rest.



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