You’re NOT too old to start writing a book

There’s a new literary prize – for authors over 50 with first published book.  Spring Chickens, by the standards of some of the greats, according to an article in the Guardian:


51     Raymond Chandler published first novel “The Big Sleep”

52     Richard Adams published “Watership Down”

59     Daniel Defoe published first novel “Robinson Crusoe”

65     Laura Ingalls Wilder began the series which became “Little House on the Prairie”

70     Mary Wesley published first adult novel (having published first children’s book                  aged 57


What’s more, having started with long length fiction at this age, all the above kept writing, some into their 90s.

The new literary prize is “Royal Society of Literature Christopher Bland Prize” for authors debuting over the age of 50.  The work can be fiction or non-fiction.

Prize details, including how to enter for the £10,000 award are  here.


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