Advice for creatives: Caitlin Moran

  “Inappropriate advice for creatives”  by Caitlin Moran 18 minutes of solid gold advice – lively, refreshing and real wisdom in there.  Must-reads for any new media graduates thirsting to get into interesting work.  (For any careers teachers reading this – do consider playing this video to a class). Here’s a few nuggets to get a taste: *Continue reading “Advice for creatives: Caitlin Moran”

How to become a Youtube producer/presenter

How to make a living from YouTube (or die trying) Fun Ignite presentation by former engineer: Photo: Dave Jones from the EEVblog (from youtube vid)   Ignite is a specific presentation style: 5 minutes long and must feature 20 powerpoint slides. Interested in doing this style of presentation?   The presenter has kindly putContinue reading “How to become a Youtube producer/presenter”

Beginning acrylic painting

If you’ve ever secretly wanted to paint but not known where to start – here is a very reassuring place to begin: Will Kemp Art School online.  When you begin on your own, all you have to do is walk into an art supplies shop to be overwhelmed by the choices of materials and a sense ofContinue reading “Beginning acrylic painting”

HaNDleTteRINg (11 mins video)

  Danny Gregory launched SketchBook Skool (online fun drawing school). Here, he shows and flicks through a shelfload of inspiring resources, then gets on with doing his own alphabet with dip pen and ink. If you have ever wondered what books to get a graphics friend for Christmas…. look and learn, people, look and learnContinue reading “HaNDleTteRINg (11 mins video)”

Authors’ Photos

Don’t judge a book by its front cover, right – but what about the photo of the author on the back? Electric literature website offers picture/summary/author photos in a giant table. (UPDATE: their website has been revamped, so this is no longer the page to view – but you get the point from the sampleContinue reading “Authors’ Photos”

Very Useful Songwriting Advice

Youtube vid – “Music Production”  by Ralph Murphy, likeable, listenable, clear. One of the most useful basic things when songwriting is: DON’T whine, preach or vent When you write about yourself, you are never the loser – make ‘he’ or ‘she’ the loser After you’ve written the song, ask yourself 3 things “what’s inContinue reading “Very Useful Songwriting Advice”

Percussion and Film Directing

  Mel Brooks, writer and director or many comedy films, said this, in a documentary on the making of “The Producers”: “The truth is, I began my career as a drummer, so rhythm is critical to me – the rhythm of a scene, the rhythm of singular performances, the rimshot of a joke. So As aContinue reading “Percussion and Film Directing”