Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt

Marna Lunt does applique the way Picasso worked with paint.  She has a joyous feel for embroidery, likes making lines higgledy-piggledy (what a lovely, freeing word that is) – and she does workshops.  Watch her at work in this video:   Inspiring others I first came across her work today, via @Hippystitch, who attended oneContinue reading “Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt”

Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea

What’s it like to draw under water?  Kirsten Carlson shows us in this short video. Caution – if you don’t like the sensation of putting your head under water, beware, some of this is incredibly evocative.   Creative Takeaway If you need to imagine new worlds and shapes for science fiction – consider looking atContinue reading “Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea”

Ancient History Animation – Boudica

Fascinating way to retell ancient history, where there are no photographs: animation.  Emma Calder made this video about Boudica (sometimes called Boadiccea), the ancient British woman leader who dared to defy the Romans. This video was created for Norwich Castle Museum – where you can see it displayed.  If the subject matter of the videoContinue reading “Ancient History Animation – Boudica”

Beginning to Blog in 2019

If you have a friend who has a new year resolution to start a blog in 2019, then please recommend Problogger and Melyssa Griffin to them. Problogger “the home for those wanting to start a blog, create great content and grow their blogs and then go professional to make money blogging” has a website with tons ofContinue reading “Beginning to Blog in 2019”

How to start writing – Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes, Irish novelist, made this brief video of 3 techniques to get started on the writing and potentially beat writer’s block. If you live in the UK and pay a TV licence, you can see it at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05fj5f8 In summary, her 3 helpful hints are these: Establish a routine which works for you (sheContinue reading “How to start writing – Marian Keyes”

Always the Sea: Alex Booker

Alex Booker has a family history steeped in the sea and navy – and he makes prints inspired by that. Here he is at work in his studio, going through the entire process of making a woodcut print.   You can find his work (and order online) at bookerprinthouse.com

What does Poetry DO?

Malcolm Guite: “I once had a conversation with the poet Seamus Heaney on when poetry lives and works in people, as opposed to being printed on a page or worse still, studied in a university somewhere –  when does it actually become poetry?  We both agreed that it first becomes poetry when it shimmers intoContinue reading “What does Poetry DO?”