Window Paintings – Colin Davidson

Colin Davidson paints giant canvases of windows - where it's difficult to make out whether each part is inside or outside the building - reflections abound - but always the same bold palette of colours. This is just one of an entire series of pictures: glowing, soft and yet hard at the same time.,-London)


Albert Irvin – painter

Albert Irvin is delightfully down to earth and paints almost day-glo abstracts on an enormous scale.  He is unpretentious, hardworking and his works are joyful and exuberant as much as the man himself is quietly spoken.

Grayson Perry – Contemporary Art – what is it?

It seems to be that contemporary art has become this sort of baggy old bag you can bung throw anything in and people say “um, it’s art”   Even Michael Stone the terrorist, said when he was caught trying to bring a bomb into Stormont, “Oh, it’s performance art.” (from Guardian interview with Decca AitkenheadApril 2012)

Powerful photographs

  War Photography by ace photographer Donald McCullin is revealed by Jacqui and David Morris film, “McCullin”. Worth watching (popped up one time on the BBC "Imagine" programme, may recur). Harold Evans, editor of the Sunday time, employing Don at the time: “Still photographs do have this strong affinity with the way we remember, so the …