Intelligent witty woman mag

Sarah Millican was trying to find an intelligent magazine for women to read – found none so sallied forth and created one. It’s called “Standard Issue”, online – and the story of its creation and continuation is in this videoed interview at the Hay Festival.  Worth seeing, although could do with a little editing for speed and length.Continue reading “Intelligent witty woman mag”

Gillian Ayres – interview

Gillian paints glorious, large, confident abstract canvases full of glowing colour – because she wants “intensity” rather than tone. In person, she appears rather the opposite – very quiet, unconfident about her skill, very down to earth, prosaic.  She is irritated by people’s determined search for meaning in her art – it is simply aContinue reading “Gillian Ayres – interview”

Sister Corita Kent

Great introductory video to Corita’s work – CBS Video (still from prog above): In the last photo above, the video interviewer and a curator look at one of her posters, where she typically took a commercial slogan and let it be a jumping off part which helps think spiritually. ( She mixed contemporary logos,Continue reading “Sister Corita Kent”