Animation: “Bernina Sings”

I just came across this textile animation, as part of my over-research into publicity for a charity button sale in September.  (Standby for a tsunami of button-related blog posts comin’ atcha in the next wee while.) When I say that “Bernina” is a make of sewing machine, you begin to get the picture.  This good-humouredContinue reading “Animation: “Bernina Sings””

Film Review: Apollo 11

SPOILER ALERT: They landed on the moon. The film Apollo 11 is simply footage tied together with lots of audio recorded at the time and now made available – of one of the most famously recorded pieces of history.  (If you speak to children in their fifties, many of them will have been kept upContinue reading “Film Review: Apollo 11”

Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott

Come into the wild Scottish Landscape with painter Libby Scott… you won’t need a brolly or wellies – this video by Josh Davie takes you there.  Libby’s love of the outdoors and artist’s eye help you see even more beauty and colour in the scenery – and Josh’s videowork highlights the texture and movement.  AnContinue reading “Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott”

Classic Film: The Man with the Golden Arm

“The Man with the Golden Arm”, starring Frank Sinatra is just one of the very watchable classic black and white films available at the moment on streaming networks.  (Currently on Amazon Prime). Watch it.  There’s a genuinely tense story – underscored by Elmer Bernstein’s music – which frankly would have a placid monk chewing hisContinue reading “Classic Film: The Man with the Golden Arm”

Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery

If you’re intrigued to see prints of the Scottish landscape made with Japanese woodblock techniques – or linocut – and printed on an English Victorian press – then you need to see the work of Laura Boswell. (She is currently showing in Edinburgh, in the Birch Tree Gallery , alongside groups of delicate, diminutive porcelainContinue reading “Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery”

Stuart Duffin at the Compass Gallery

I managed to catch Stuart Duffin‘s exhibition “If Angels Cast Shadows….” on Friday, the day before it finished at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow.   However, the Gallery keep excellent photographic representations of past exhibitions, so you can find pictures from this exhibition even now on their website. Stuart’s work is immediately recognisable for its draughtsmanship, detailedContinue reading “Stuart Duffin at the Compass Gallery”