Ab Fab the movie: a go-see

Screen shot 2016-09-04 at 16.44.05.png

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley lighting up the big Screen…. along with a role call of fashion celebs.

It is a farce.  Just accept that and leave your film-analysis brain at home and go see this absurd comedy with female friends with whom you can belly laugh freely.

One of my favourite lines was when a helicopter took off and you hear the conversation inside:

Edie: Pats, when the helicopter took off, I think I lost my pelvic floor

Patsy: Never mind, sweetie, we’ll get it on the way back.

My award for craziest outfit goes to the first appearance of Bubble (as usual played with relish by Jane Horrocks).  Later in the film, she enters a room, and casually tosses a pile of envelopes at her employer: “Your death-threats, m’lady”.

If the action palls, you can always enjoy celeb-spotting – the film is infested with them. The fashion world is well represented here.

Do not miss the wonderfully hideous and hectoring fashion magazine character played by Kathy Burke, “Magda” who appears early on, demanding a handbag from an unfortunate sidekick, being given a large plain white one, tossing it contemptuously into the Thames and demanding a Chanel one instead…… only for the offending handbag to be retrieved by beachcomber Jean-Paul Gaultier.





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