Quiet. In a garden.

Have you ever felt that you’re desperate for a little quiet in a secluded garden, to catch your breath?  And as that quiet soaks into you, to pay attention to your spiritual element.

I went on a silent retreat and came back and spent hours desperately looking for somewhere without the sounds of someone cutting grass, banging hammers, radio, human voices, cars close by… it seemed impossible and very precious.Epworth01w.jpg

Other people have thought this also, and chosen to open their gardens to the frazzled.  If you go to their website, you can search where you can visit (by arrangement) in the world. Many of them are in church grounds or Quaker places.  The origin of the idea is itself a quiet marvel.  http://quietgarden.org/

The Quiet Garden Movement nurtures low cost, accessible, outdoor space for prayer, contemplation, rest and inspiration in a variety of settings, such as private homes, churches, schools and hospitals.


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