How to never run out of inspiration – vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood is a top British (counter-cultural) designer, and has been for decades.

In this rather rushed interview, with a very busy lady, there is concern for the environment, clothes advice and inspiration sources.

Top tips for fashion in a recession…. bearing in mind that most people are a bit lower on dosh/money/spondulaks after Christmas.

  • wear your old favourites over and over again
  • buy less, choose well
  • make it very personal
  • don’t buy all this generic clothing that needs lots of time in the washing-machine

“If you’ve got a grease spot, put talcum powder on it, it completely disappears”

Where do you get your inspirations?

Vivienne: “I think without culture, without a deep interest in the most wonderful models of excellence that the human race have ever produced… I don’t think you can run out of ideas.  This is why people run out of ideas because it’s like having a fridge with no food in it – you have to get your ideas by studying art, the way people saw the world in the past.”


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