Penguins, 3 ways (not to eat)

A solo close up study in a minute of one type:Humboldt penguin (1 minute video)  The rich tones and texture on their beaks, alone, are wonderful.


Then the full range of penguins and where they live.  Could YOU point out on a map where the African penguins live?  By the end of this 5 minute video, you will be able to.


And finally, of course, Penguins are….. great books.  Invented by Allen Lane who stood on a railway station and bemoaned the lack of choice in the reading material… deciding to print thought-provoking books for a realistic price, to extend knowledge to people with tiny reading budgets.  He wanted an animal for the logo, his secretary suggested a penguin, a member of staff was despatched to London Zoo to spend a day drawing, coming up with the logo.penguin-logo-evolution.jpg

it was regarded as “dignified but flippant”.


Funnily enough, the young sketcher was Edward Young.  During World War 2 he was in a submarine which collided and sank – the only reason he survived to work with the new publishing house was because he swam to the surface.


(More of the story and logo evolution at website


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