Sales of a Poetry Pamphlet

Poets: if you manage to get a publisher to print your work in a pamphlet - how can you increase sales?  (And also - how many sales can you expect, in which ways?) Poet Fiona Moore had a "moderately successful" pamphlet of her work printed by poetry published Happenstance - and noted how many copies …


Books yet to read

Which books do we ever get round to reading - and which fall by the wayside and remain unread?  Popular book reviewer on Youtube, Sanne, ponders.... You can follow Sanne at her Youtube channel, booksandquills. If you have a seemingly endless list of books you want to read - my sympathy as a fellow …

Billboards for… poetry

billboards, poetry, Micah Purnell, Manchester, meditation

Micah Purnell has put his poetry on billboards in a project "Dear Progress". He meditates on progress - and what it's doing for us as a society. Displayed in Manchester.

Poetry of Resilience – Irina Ratushinskaya

Poetry can inspire by acknowledging a person, telling their story, celebrating their life's witness.  I just came across a poem by Luci Shaw, which tells us another poet/person's story, their persistence through harsh circumstances.  Encouraging.  Luci's poem begins with her introduction to Irina, in italics. Irina Ratushinskaya —Russian poet and physicist who was sentenced to …