Look out! Look out! There’s a Haiku about!

Or at least there used to be.  I wonder if these safety signs are still in use in New York…. truly art and life juxtaposed.  (These are two of my favourites).

Screen shot 2017-01-28 at 12.23.31.pngScreen shot 2017-01-28 at 12.28.09.png

These were designed by John Morse and put up in New York at 144 of the sites of most transport accidents.  The money to make them was taken from fines given to drunk drivers – motorists breaking safety guidelines (pretty neat thinking – use offenders’s resources to stop similar dangers recurring).

The scheme was set up in November 2011.  Half of the signs have the text displayed with them, the other half only have the QR code, so intrigued pedestrians have to use smartphones to access the information.  So there’s a bit of hide and seek fun about this.



fuller story at



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