“Your name” – the anime movie


I’ve just seen this anime movie, and it is good – and I’m not even a confirmed anime fan. Do go see.  It has been phenomenally successful in Japan, with one person in 7 turning out to see it.

What makes it good?  Visually lush, engaging main characters who often body swop between a boy in Tokyo city and a girl living in a rural quiet town, neither of whom knows the other.  Gradually, they become more and more intrigued with each other – and as viewers we get drawn in, also.  The plot becomes more complex, and there are what I will coyly call developments – which keep you watching and the excitement and stakes increase.

Apparently the director, Makoto Shinkai, has panicked that people will go to this movie and then expect just as great things from his next film!  It is very good.


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