London visit today

As a treat, I popped to the British Library and the V&A.

IMG_2400.JPG Outside, there is this great repeated lettering and also a sculpture of Newton by Paolozzi, in which he seems to be drawing out the mysteries of the universe.IMG_2399_2.JPG


I was amused to see that the name given to the coffee shop in the piazza outside was “The Last Word”.  Inside, their shelving was the last word – plenty of space there!  Maybe that’s what I should aim for, in my next house – a building which is built around the books!


Startling buildings are all about London – how about this for an out of doors courage with the paintpot experience?  It’s in South Kensingston, or as the locals say, “South Ken”.


Called at the V&A – Victoria and Albert museum, South Ken, went back to the subway exit and found it closed off!!!  Thus began an annoying fruitless wandering around, asking and receiving conflicting advice.  Worst advice – and completely wrong – being from an attendant at the Science Museum.  Then I got advice which seemed wrong – but only after phoning a local family member was I told I WAS at the right place – and by moving just a few steps, saw the familiar longed for red circle sign for Subway, hidden behind scaffolding!

In this, as in all of life, what you see depends on giving a good look.  And even if things just look frustrating and as if you’re in the wrong place, try stepping out a little, move around and you may find, as I did, that you were in the right place after all, for what is next.



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